Sunday, January 28, 2018

Spring fever, thank goodness for indoor pools

Thanks goodness for those days it is cold, grey and not green and blue. Wait, what... yeah that means you can find me at the pool working out indoors!!! (But seriously, can it be Spring already?)

In my last post I stated that we were going to get a gym membership, and I can happily report that we have gone almost every night these past couple of weeks or so. You can see in the image that there is the lanes for those that want to do laps and Linda and I have been doing about 8 laps or so and then they have water aerobics with this fun lady and it has been great! I really have to watch my knees and joints so that I do not damage them more until I get to a healthier weight. So swimming is awesome!! The place we go is about 2 or 3 blocks away from our apartment and it comes with classes, gym, running laps, pool, and all the usual stuff. At the first I was getting so tired and bogged down after we went swimming that I would fall right to sleep. I have noticed that my back is not hurting as much, I sleep a lot better and walking is much more enjoyable. I do on occasion go on the treadmill and walk for about 8 minutes or so.. I am working up to 15 and then onward and upward.

Status report on things thus far. So we are doing better at prepping meals, and creating healthy grocery items and staying away from starches, sugars and fast food... for the most part. I will tell you that if you are trying to loose weight, and you have a crazy schedule like mine - food prepping is #1 on anyones list. It gets you through those times you could easily just go out to eat, the vending machine or grab a bite from what your bosses feed you. By the way, Pizza is this fix all to all company parties and functions... can't we be more original... please.... Pizza is my number one thing to binge on, and oh by the way we are having pizza at work today, Surprise!! "rrrr, dang you pepperoni, dang you!!!!"

Some time ago I purchased from Amazon these bento boxes and they allow us to store, and prep meals or "lunch Boxes" as we call them for the day. I will chime in next week on our food items and grocery strategy. I just want to give everybody an update on what is going on and that I am still in the fight.

Oh yeah, so I weighed myself last week and I am at 390 lbs. officially. I thought since November that I was up to 400 or more.. but I am at 390, which I am good with because I never want to be 400 again but it is sad because I went from 374 to 390... Dang you holidays and all that freakin' amazing dishes that make life so much fun.... oh and lets have pizza too... wo.

Anyways, I will chat at you later, I am falling asleep. Chow, Bella!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Back from the blur - It's been crazy!

I realized that it has been since September that I have kept up with this blog. From Sept. until now it really has been a fast paced, life changing and very challenging blur.

We hit some health issues, some time schedule issues and travel issues. Having one car has made our crazy lives even crazier. I suppose the last thing that I remember around that time is I got sick a lot with MRSA and was dealing with Comcast and trying not to get fired with the little bit I could be there. I remember they sent me home with the fear of God when they found out what MRSA is. I got to go back to work for a little while but the points were adding up fast and trying to work out with HR and filing crazy reports to keep it alive was getting more and more challenging.

I do not want to go to much in detail over these long few months, however I really want to touch base on some highlights and lows for you the reader.

I left Comcast and was given the option to work part time as contractor for Vutiliti ( and was assigned to create a lengthy marketing brochure and supporting graphic materials for the sales team. I was able to leave Comcast and work on things I really like to do rather than hearing complaining customers. It has been super fun, challenging and crazy all rolled up into one.

That has allowed me to continue freelancing, and working on my PODCAST -!
This really has become a super fun passion of mine. I mean it is the best. I get to sit down and meet super amazing, powerful and inspirational people and have fun with a great and dear sweet friend Bobby Glen James. We just celebrated our 52nd episode and into our 2nd season. The picture is when I interviewed the LUVTRU crew and former Miss Utah! I was then asked to speak at an event on bullying and how I overcame and achieved my dreams of graphic design. IT WAS AWESOME!!

Linda still works at Comcast and she got to promote herself, and she got a raise. She also moved to the 4th floor and to an earlier shift. Which with one car presented new challenges. But I am so proud of what Linda has accomplished!!!

We also have been looking at ways we can start working on our family and start seeing if there is a slight possibility for a baby. We have been working through U of U fertility center and we have run into some positive things, and some frustrating things. Through this we have been on a study and Linda got a Free Fitbit and we both get paid to take this study. I have had to stay away from multi-vitamins and had to take a pill that is either the real thing or a fake. It is a 6 month study and it has been challenging. I have to take a survey each day and remember to take my pill. Linda's Fitbit syncs up with the program and they are watching her activity.

I also have joined an amazing group that supports men and helps them foster friends, better relationships with spouses, and not be shamed in a world that is attacking men right now. I joined the Tribe of Kyngs ( about 4 months ago and I go with Bobby and Carey Wright. I have met Mark Eaton of the Utah Jazz and it was created by Richard Paul Evens. (Author of the Christmas box) and he is at every meeting and loves to hug and has become a great friend.

Since this blog is really about my weight loss journey I am going to get down to the nitty and gritty of some things. With my stay in the hospital for cellulitis, then my several attacks and bed rest from MRSA and one car, keeping on the program we started on Feb. really become impossible. We were having more and more hard times taking the pills. I could not fast on fast days and was asked not to exercise for some time as I was recovering. Going into November I knew that the next few months were going to be Thanksgiving, Christmas holiday parties, Linda's Birthday and then New Years... IT WAS ROUGH!!!! Yes, I had great memories, Yes, I had lots of fun and great food... but I have paid the price... I have not dared to weigh myself and would estimate that I am up to 400 LBS :(

What I am doing now; Since the holidays are over I am back to monitoring my meals with MyFitness Pal and I am working on a 7 Day challenge were I journal 7 days and do my best for the week, taking my supplements and checking in and getting some steps in. My goal is to get a Fitbit Ionic and I will be purchasing this week a Rec. Center Membership for both Linda and I at Holladay Lions Fitness center and I can swim, and all sorts of stuff and go on the machines. Linda can do free yoga classes and we are still committed to do better this year in 2018. It will be challenging but we have to do it regardless or our lives and the way of life we want will be in jeopardy. Linda got a CamelBack back pack and we plan on going on several hikes. Not to mention that I did hike last year and did some pretty amazing hike and made it up a really hard hiking paths to a private lake by Alta ski resort.

So dont give up me yet. My goal is still 350 by May 17th my birthday and I am positive I can do it!!!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

End of Summer, Hello Fall

This will be a quick catch up for all you that follow this blog and sorry for the delay. I was able to hike a huge mountain, and then to saying goodbye at Comcast. I am on a new journey of working on many projects. Some days I wonder if I am doing too much. I currently work as a contracted freelance designer for a Tech Start up and they have stretched my abilities tons and have helped build my confidence that I still have the chops to design in today's tech world climate, doing key presentation graphics and brand management helping the sales team reach out to potential clients, investors on million dollar deals.

As for my health and where things stand. We are not following a strict guideline of food regimented. We are on a new discovery path that basically involves more exercise less carbs, and better grocery items and snack ideas. I am maintaining at around 377 and I walk most every day and swim at our pool almost 5 days a week.

With one car and my crazy freelance business, hours and daily schedules have been the hardest thing to overcome. I have made it my business over the next little while on maintaining wages that can support good eating, a healthy lifestyle and leisure.

As some of you know that we lost Nala our cat as she got injured this early summer and try as we may she wanted out of the house every second and would not keep quite and meowed mostly me to death. One night I let her out as I have done over the past 8 years or so and night after night and week after week she has yet to come home. We are being hopeful that she is in a good place and she is in the Lords hands now.

As the Lord taketh, he giveth. Our apartment manager got a stray kitten with out a home and we now have Sadie (Squeakers) as our new addition and Bella the dog is doing her best to make it work. Sadie is a fun and adventurous addition and is a lot more cuddly and not afraid of people at all. It has helped us overcome the sadness of losing Nala whom we have had for 9 years or so.

I am hopeful that the goals and dreams that we are going for will come, that we will find that balance and the ability to keep loosing weight and into new adventures for 2018

I hope that you have a good fall season into the holiday season and with all the bad news, weather, fires and such that you stay safe and that God may bless you in achieving your goals in life!

Monday, August 7, 2017

From sarows, come joy!

Last entry was on July 2nd and there has been so much that July has brought and so much that has taken away. It has been filled with the joy of watching fireworks, getting out into nature and overcoming hardships both physical, emotional and spiritual. I get word back from Linda that there are some or a lot of you that read this and I am deeply thankful. My sincerest hope is that you find something that can help you in your life as you read about mine.

Linda lost her sweet Wanna Mae and as you might or might no know, Linda is my Linda Mae as they share the same purposeful middle name. I would say that a few weeks or so went by and one of my co-workers passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. It was one of the hardest work weeks of my call center career. I sat by him for nearly 7 months or so. He was a fun, caring person. His dedication to Comcast was very impressive. Even in a company that is all dress down he still came dressed nice.
Derrick Hall it was a pleasure to have known you.

Moving on to finding joy and the purpose of this journal is of course about my health. I am not dropping large amount of weight and my lifestyle right now is not as rigged in nature as I am now trying to find balance with me, my life and my body.

I was recently weighed in at 374 just recently. I have purchased a scale and check it just one day per week. I am not in battle with calories, I am in battle with exercise, healthy and clean eating and being more active. My goal was to be at 350 by my mothers birthday (passed away in 2001) and I know that will not happen. However I am on track to be there by the end of the year. The counting the calories, the daily journal and the many, many and many pills needed a break.

I have gotten rid of 100% cheese, 100% Milk, and I went to drinking no water a day to at least 3/4 gallon of water. I walk daily longer than I have ever walked before at this weight, and I have gone on 2 hikes for around a mile (uphill mind you) and go on the treadmill about 3 times per week. (except recently)

I want to thank Linda, Jay for a great hike up to this Cecret Lake spelled with a "C"and it was very daunting for a person like me. There is some amazing wild flowers up the Little Cottonwood Canyon and we hiked a very nice hike so I thought and then it got... insane! It was a nice slop and then it went from hiking to mountain climbing for beginners. It took me some time, lots of coaxing from Linda and the support of Jay to make it up this insane switchback mountain side to a "Secluded" lake. As I went down the hill, I kept saying to myself... "I really walked all this up hill?" I did it, I actually made it up this thing and lived. I am very proud of myself.

Going from this experience has not prepared me to what happened next. I some years ago, got MRSA and it is a very strong Bacteria that is very hard to treat and can be contagious. However I got a Dr. Note saying that I could go to work.

I am grateful for my doctor and so grateful for "ROCKY" a very lovely and top nurse at the Holladay Clinic. So I have missed a lot of work and the future is unknown right now and I am glad that my sore is getting better. I am excited for new adventures along the way. I am grateful for the time I get to spend with Bobby Glen James on the Podcast project and I am so blessed to meet amazing and inspirational people in my life!!

I am finally getting tired so I will end it by saying that sometimes you just have to go in blindly to and take faith that things and life will work out in the end.

Also, our Cat Nala ran-away... :(
She got injured a bit and then we had to keep her indoors, and she moaned, cried, and meowed me to death with no stopping after a few weeks, I had enough. I let her out late Friday 30th night and she has not come back, now going on 9 days. We miss her, it is very lonely here as well. We are praying for our Nala to come home or that she is not suffering or did not suffer. We will miss you a lot (8 or so years with us)

*I will give you an update on my weight as best as I can. Total weight lost since Feb. 2017 is....(Drumroll)  59 lbs.

Have a great day and remember you life matters and I am so honored to share these thoughts with you.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

The push for greatness!

You know that time when you look in the mirror and say to yourself - "Let's do this!" that is what Linda and are doing. We might not say it in the mirror and on rare occasions say it out loud, but we are pushing ourselves for greatness daily. It is a battle, it is a real struggle. We are human, we have weaknesses and yes we eat chocolate when we get overwhelmed.

It is the bigger picture, it is something thanks to Darren Hardy has educated me on and I thank him for his book and the chance to have met him. He wrote a book called "The Compound Effect" and in this book it is all about the long term and all the tiny small steps that lead us to greatness. Everybody wants to have the quick fix and instant fame.

We took on a 12 week program and in this program we learned a lot. We have adapted new recipe's and a new lifestyle. The program is over, although we still do have some appointments we need to finish with the Doctor and it has been a great journey for our weight loss goals. The future is wide open. A couple of weeks ago I actually hiked a mile up the canyon and made it out alive.

Going back to the little steps that lead to greatness, the compound effect basically states that over a long period of time with smalls steps of small changes done CONSISTENTLY will have PROFOUND effects. I have learned this so much in this journey and in my business life. I started out with a vision, then the idea grew and along with the Biz4GoodShow Podcast and Advocate Tees I am starting to see some real results and impact. Linda and I are excited for our lives at this time and we are moving forward to our goals.

UPDATE: Feb. 17th Ryan's Weight - 433 lbs. an now today from my last weight in is 379 lbs. So that means I have lost 54 lbs. since I started on this journey. MY next huge milestone is 350 lbs. by AUGUST 13th 2017 (My mother's Birthday)

This past few weeks has been a doozy, and has made this new goal very challenging. I took on 2 jobs plus the podcast, visited with Linda's grandma, then attending her funeral to then loosing my iPhone and watching it be destroyed on the freeway because I put it on the top of my car and drove off. Then I decided to take on a new project by producing another Advocate Tees Concert in September. I along with Linda are so excited that we have jobs, that some of my project are picking up and producing extra money and amazing opportunities. We are truly blessed. We also learned some exciting news that Comcast covers IVF treatments, and that is were I will leave you, until next time - with a tease. Thanks for reading and thanks for all the support!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Life hits you fast and hard!


Did you miss it? Before you know it you are middle aged and wondering what in the world did you to yourself. Habits are these things we do without even knowing. We eat this, we do that and then with out a warning, BOOM the habits add up and bang, your over weight and out of shape.

What I am saying to all that read this, is as you might or might not know that good habit plus education can have a profound meaning in our lives. I grew up in a lower middle class family and the all American way of life of eating. Pot roast and mashed potatoes Sundays. Taco Tuesdays, Spaghetti Wednesdays and so on. Pies and deserts were after each meal and crazy to think I had seconds on all of these dishes. I got taught early on that these foods were o.k. and that milk flowed from the never ending magical cow.

I started this health journey just a few months ago and spent the last 40 years on cruise control blindly. In these few months I have learned what I like, what I can handle and what I don't like as far as foods and habits go. I don't want to take the time to list them all right now, but I have found the almost magic recipe for being healthy, and moving forward with the correct habits.

Basically, it is this... you ready? NO FAST FOODS. Stay away from Wendys, Mcdonalds, Arby's and etc. Eat out at restaurants sparingly and on special occasions and when you do, stay away for FRIED foods, TONS of rolls, and LARGE glasses of Soda.

Then it is followed up with exercise daily, eat more vegetables, and fewer carbs and a good portion of fruits.

Lastly this secret recipe calls for being prepared, prepped and ready to take on the day. Leave your debit cards at home, have snacks at the helm. Boiled eggs, Avocados, chicken strips, carrot or veggies stacks and then some almond milk for a nice refreshed drink. This will help you curb your temptations and then you are ready for the day. IT takes TIME, a whole lot of TIME and energy. I believe that in our rush and rush world we live in and all the things that make it easy can cause issues. When we don't prepare and then when you are in a crunch the fast food solutions, the vending machines and the frozen meals become the problem.

Did you know that a salad at a fast food for example with chicken with all the fixen's is around the same amount of calories as a combo meal at any of these places. Don't believe me just do the research. Just avoid them at all cost.

Let me tell you that this past couple of weeks has been very hard on me emotional, mentally and otherwise as I took on two jobs and a multiple of projects. I did not prepare - mornings were a disaster and then at my other job the potlucks, and parties were endless. Leaving me eating pizzas, burgers, and all the quick "bad" foods. I thought I would eat at Chik-filet and be good, nope. It was nasty, and greasy and just not a healthy solution. It tasted horrible.

As we begin to take on a better lifestyle and eat things that are better for us, our bodies like it, they reward us with the ability to not be sick to the stomach, bogged down with depression and headaches. You will notice that the good habits will give back your life, the bad habits only take away from your life. I have learned the hard way, and now getting back to this lifestyle requires me to form and keep these better habits to live a healthier and more productive life. It is not easy, but it can be done!

I will leave you with a quote from a dear old friend of mine he gave me some years ago from the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People book by Franklin Covey. (Page 93)

"As we make and keep commitments, even small commitments, we begin to establish an inner integrity that give us the awareness of self-control and the courage and strength to accept more of the responsibility for our own lives. By making and keeping promises to ourselves and others, little by little, our honor becomes greater than our moods."

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Midway Hump

It has been a few weeks since I last wrote and shared the progress on our health journey. Also regarding my leg status, I now wear compression socks and they are a beast to put on daily. Plus washing them every night has been so much fun.. not. Good news though, my swelling has gone down and the redness is getting better, in the new blog I might even show a updated picture.

My goal to lose 100 lbs has been very eye opening experience in so many facets. It is now almost the mid way point to the 100 down and that is the good news, I am actually losing weight. I have wrestled with just getting off 2 lbs in a month, and mostly if anything I keep gaining. It is hard to believe that a year ago I was pushing 450 and little by little and lots of sacrifice the results are starting to show.

My goal is set to lose at least the 50 and then some for my 41st birthday on May 17th, and today I learned that I have officially lost 46 lbs. So only 4 more to go!!! But this is where it gets tricky. I say tricky because at the first of a "new lifestyle" change you are excited to hit the ground running and you are laser focused.

I have went from these emotions so far; Upset that I can not drink milk, bread, sugars, and burgers and then the emotions of wonder. You start feeling grumpy, then angry then you go from that to feeling great! You notice that some symptoms are going away, and you start feeling better. The foods you thought were your babies start to sound awful, and taboo even. The thought of greasy fast food starts to make you sick. Then you hit the cleanse process were all bets are off and you feel that there is no way you can just drink lemon juice and water for 5 days straight. The pills are starting to make you want to hurl from just the thought of them as well. You get through it, you did it!! but then comes more temptations, more trials. The fight must go on, the change for the better has to be the end and long term goal.

So, along with going to the hospital for cellulitis and then getting my leg wrapped for a month, exercise and your spirits get down.

So the midway point has proven to be my next big challenge. One thing I must point out in all of this, is to have the financial resources available so you can have the right food. The dollar menus and fast items start looking like the best option. They trick your mind so you think it is o.k. ~ but it is not o.k. My encouragement for anyone trying and lose weight, is to make sure that you have the financial backing to stay strong, along with TIME! Oh, precious time!

I must come clean and be 100% honest in all of this and let you all know that last week was horrible and I ate horribly. I had lots of pizzas, chocolates, nachos and even Taco Bell (Yuck) I basically said that that week was a wash and yesterday I started all over again committed to my end game results.

You start getting sick of the items you eat, you start feeling depressed from life and trials. To add insult to injury my work likes to show their love by having potlucks, parties, food trolleys and on and on. It seems that pizza is the most easiest food item for call centers, so pizza my most favorite thing other than burgers is my weak point. I gave in, and as I put it... "Purge, and start again next week" mentality. Thus the midway hump. Getting back into a new way of living is hard. It is not natural, it takes lots of trial and error to get it right and for me the biggest trial is breakfast and getting home late from work.

I will move forward realizing it takes some time and little tiny steps in the right direction over a long time that will show the results. Rome wasn't built in a day, same can be said that by next year with the compound effect I will be down the 100 lbs.

Thanks again to those that read this blog, have commented and have shared your inspirational thoughts and have been so awesome in supporting Linda and I. BTW Linda lost 3 lbs and we are doing are best in this new way of living! Also, thanks to Michelle and Dr. Elmore and the entire staff at Elevated Health Utah ~ much love! See you in a week or so! BYE!!